When you don't feel good enough.

Recently I have completely overloaded myself with business/blog/social media workshops. I had so much info crammed into my head that caused me to feel overwhelmed and incompetent. It can be WAY TOO EASY to compare myself to all of the beautiful and successful people on the internet, so I took a break from it all, and focused on myself, my personal life, and the joys in life. Now I'm feeling centered and ready to create what I want to share with the world, and no longer influenced by other people who are killing it online (I also went on a huge unfollow spree!)

Now, let's keep it simple. I'm ready for a fresh start! Thank you for your continuous support and love. 

So what is my plan for this blog? I am going to blog about whatever my heart desires! I am not going to limit myself to only writing about photography, despite this being a photography website. But, there is more to me than pretty photos.

Here I will write about my life, things I love, stuff I'm doing, and everything else my heart loves. Here are some things to come:

-Best Burger Places in Zürich. 

-DIY Home Decor

-Me & My Husband Exploring

I hope you're as excited as I am! 

This is such a beautiful time to be alive and I'm so happy that we get to share it together.