Things to see in Northern Ireland

Me and Colvin recently got back from Northern Ireland, and it was one of my favorite trips! We stayed with some friends, and they took us on so many adventures and showed us everything! So, naturally, my camera was in my hand the entire time.

We stayed in a sweet little town called Bangor. The shoreline was absolutely charming, despite the wind threatening to blow me away!

Games of Thrones, anyone? 



The Carrik-A-Rede Bridge was one of my favorite parts of the trip! The bridge leads off to a little island just off the shore, and it is stunning.

Our next stop was The Giant's Causeway, which was pretty magical. The legend is that giants used to live here, and there are little pieces of evidence everywhere proving the legend right ;)

Another one of my favorite stops was the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum. (I liked the 'Folk' part, and Colvin loved the 'Transport' part) There is just something special about being able to see how the Irish lived long ago. 

Of course we couldn't leave without a bit of shopping and exploring in Belfast. I could walk around this city for hours taking pictures of everything.

It was a lovely trip! I was sad to say goodbye. During the whole trip I had to keep pinching myself. I have dreamt of going to Ireland since I was a little girl. I'm such a lucky girl! ;)

xoxo, Alysa