Let's talk about friendship.

There is something that has been on my mind lately.

To me, deep relationships are the most precious things in life. But as I have become an adult, I have noticed that a lot of my friends seem to be a little reserved and they don't like to speak deeply about life. 

BUT, I'm not sure if this is simply what it's like to be an adult, or if this is Swiss culture. When I became an adult (at the age of 18), I also moved across the world and integrated into a new country/culture.  

As I have gotten older, I can't help but wonder... Am I supposed to be this way? Should I be guarding myself too? 

 Around certain people, I think it's necessary. I would never want to make people feel uncomfortable, so I think sometimes it's okay to keep conversation on a surface level. But, to be honest, if I have to keep things on a surface level, then I don't consider that person to be a genuine friend. 

That doesn't mean that I don't love that person, it just means that the friendship will just stay casual. 

I would love to hear your opinion on this. What is your experience?




Also, I should stop blogging while laying in bed. It's probably not good for me... ;)