How to love your body

As your average woman, I think way too much about how my body looks. But recently I've had an epiphany. 

our body doesn't need to be beautiful in order for you to love it. 


I've recently discovered a someone online who has completely shifted my way of thinking. Her name is Sarah Jenks. Everything she does online is really inspiring. 

You might know that I've recently started a fitness journey on my YouTube channel, and with that comes a lot of self reflection. What should I be eating? What workouts should I be doing? How much weight have I lost? 

And to be honest, I haven't done too well. And I've been feeling really guilty and down on myself about it. I should be thinner. When I'm thinner, I'll be... What? 

When I really sit down and think about it, I feel that when I'm thinner, then I can finally love myself.

But that's so twisted!

Don't workout and eat healthy with the idea that by doing so, one day you'll love your body - and ultimately love yourself. Eat healthy and workout because you love your body and appreciate this home that you have been blessed with.


 Sarah Jenks wrote this on her Facebook page at the beginning of January, and this quote blew my mind and completely changed the way I think about my body.

There’s a cultural trend going on around beauty beyond size. Women all over the world are claiming that they believe their bodies are beautiful and that they love their “imperfect” bodies. This is all great, but inherent in this trend is the belief that **we need to think our bodies are beautiful in order to love our bodies.**
People everywhere tell women to strip down and find something beautiful about their naked body and for a lot of us, that feels nearly impossible.
Here’s what’s true, you don’t need to think something is beautiful in order to love it. I love my old grubby sweatshirt - not beautiful, I loved my new born babies -they looked like little aliens... And I love my body, even though I don’t think she’s beautiful all the time.
With 2016 underway, and the pressure to lose weight that comes with it, I really want you to know that true health cannot be motivated by beauty or lack there of. It can only be born out of love. Love for a body who gets you around, grows life, houses your soul and allows you to experience this incredible world. She may not be beautiful to you (yet) but she is amazing, and she deserves to be taken care of.

You are beautiful. And even when you're not, you're loved. 

Thank you so much Sarah Jenks for giving me permission not to be beautiful 24/7 and for giving me the appreciation for my body and my home.

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