5 Years of Marriage

Five years ago, when I didn't speak a word of german, I woke up in a new country, got ready with my new family, and I married my best friend.

I was surrounded with supportive and loving strangers speaking a language I couldn't understand. And five years later, those same people are some the closest people in my life.

Thank you so much to each and every person who took us into your arms and helped us get onto our feet as we started a new life in a new land. These have been the happiest, sweetest, most beautiful five years.


I'm still running wild with this handsome boy.

We were married in a beautiful little Swiss town called Bremgarten. I have since shot many weddings in this beautiful town, and each time I do, my heart melts a little bit. Bremgarten is small, quiet, and romantic. Oh, the memories.

xoxo, Alysa