Morena - #teamselbstliebe

The best feeling ever, is working with someone that shares a beautiful message with the world. Moreno stands for body positivity. Her blog is dedicated on empowering women, to help us realize that our bodies are beautiful - just the way they are. We don't need to have abs, it doesn't matter if we jiggle, and we need to treat our bodies with love. 


We had our photoshoot in Zürich City, and we got so lucky with some sunshine! I loved taking her around to some of my favorite spots in Zürich. We got some shots in the Gardens of the Fraumünster church, at Bürkliplatz, and at the lake of Zürich. It was such a beautiful day! :)

Read more about Morena and #teamselbstliebe on her website:

And check out her Instagram! It's my favorite ;)