Creative Growth - It's Not Accidental.

When I look at Instagram, I often think about how creative people are. But I'm learning a lot about creation now that I'm on my own creative journey.


Creativity is not accidental.


Maybe everyone else on the planet already knew this concept, but I'm just discovering it now.

Creativity is like a muscle. Something that needs to be worked on in order to grow and flourish. Being creative isn't something that we pop out of the womb with. While some people seem to just be creative, I don't think thats how it works. 


Since starting this business, I've found myself on a creative journey. A journey of creative expression. It can be so difficult to do something original when it feels like there are so many others with the same goals and dreams, but to truly share your art, that comes completely from your soul, that is something truly special. 


But it takes time, experimentation, getting out of your comfort zone, and a lot of self reflection to find your own creative path. I spent this week experimenting with my own creativity, and I've never felt so inspired.