Kiyomi - 30 Days of Beauty

What makes you feel beautiful?: I feel beautiful when I receive a big smile back from a stranger as they walk on by. I feel beautiful when a laugh to tears with my siblings and friends. I feel beautiful when my man kisses me first thing in the morning, feel beautiful when I can run farther, or achieve a new goal.

What does beauty mean to you?: I believe beauty is how you look at things. Beauty is, the innocence of a child, the confidence of a knew mother and in the eyes of the beholder. Beauty is in the first spring flowers, the sun rising in the morning, and is in every day we are given to live.

What is your favorite part about yourself? Why?: My favorite part of myself is the ability to make people roll with laughter, because ever since I was two years old people all around me would call me too silly, which comes in handy today to lighten up the room. I believe that if you can make someone’s day with laughter that’s the most beautiful thing in the world…