Kristiina - 30 Days of Beauty

What makes you feel beautiful?: Being around people that I love, working as a babysitter and being around little persons, doing something good for someone, trying out that new lipstick that I just bought or putting my hair up on a way I've never done it before and then thinking ''will I really go out looking like that'' and then doing it. Doing something I've never done before, like that photoshoot with Alysa. Would have never thought I'd have courage to have my pictures taken in a busy city and in the end enjoying it. 
Putting on a fancy new dress to impress my boyfriend. Coming home from a workout feeling exhausted, but having the knowledge that I've done something to push my limits and then conquering them is the most amazing feeling ever. Having someone always there to say to you ''You look beautiful!'' 
And while being away so far all alone and still know I will always have somebody back home who love me and can't wait to see me again. 

Everything from the smallest things to the biggest that make me happy, will make me feel beautiful.

What does beauty mean to you?: Beauty is something you can't really simple straight forward answer. Beauty is beauty. It's the flowers, the sun and the moon, wind, rain or snow. Mountains and lakes, animals and birds singing. All the different buildings in the city. Just open your eyes and you'll see so much beauty around you. 
But beauty in a person is, when you are being the best version of youself and having a smile on your face and being happy just the way you are.

What is your favorite part about yourself? Why?: I've always liked my eyes. And I tend to like eyes more on others aswell. I like the saying ''eyes are the mirror of the soul''. 
And maybe because your eyes are the ones that tell the most. The first thing you'll notice on someone is their eyes. You'll know right away if someone is happy or sad. And eyes just are beautiful.