Lilla - 30 Days of Beauty

What makes you feel beautiful?: I feel beautiful when I am happy (and I slept enough. I love to sleep.), and when I am doing what I feel like I need to be doing. When I am balanced, when I am in flow: dancing, driving, cooking, reading, writing, singing, painting and so on.

What does beauty mean to you?: Beauty means peace and joy in small things. Beauty is when you are walking home and notice how beautiful the sunset is, so lay down in a hammock in the park and enjoy it. Beauty is a nice cup of tea. Beauty is when you can look at somebody's eyes and can get lost in it. Beauty is a sleeping baby. Beauty is when you don't think you can do it, but take a deep breath and you do it anyway. Beauty is when you smile at somebody and they smile back at you. Beauty is in every laugh that comes from the heart. Beauty is when you wake up next to somebody you love.

What is your favorite part about yourself? Why?: I don't really know. My brain? I don't think you want to take photos of that though, unless you are into MRI. :) 
I love my eyes, I often get how warm and friendly they are, making me someone people feel easy to talk to. 
I love my legs too, they have always been good friends of mine through all those years of doing ballet, and they give me lots of mobility that my soul really needs.