Francesca & Matt

What makes you feel beautiful?: When I'm completely myself with no fear or hesitation. When I'm living a life of purpose. I feel my best when I'm filled with gratitude and not afraid to let myself shine.

What does beauty mean to you?: Beauty, to me, means many different things. In an earthly sense, it's when one is uninhibited, present, elegant, interesting and happy. When someone's completely free and true to who they are. To live effortlessly and passionately. In a spiritual sense, beauty is like this ethereal realm where creativity, peace and strength lie. God encompasses what beauty is and made us in His image. I feel like he wants us to access the power of creating something beautiful or freely allowing ourselves to be beautiful. If you look at a flower or mountain they don't force their beauty upon you. They just ARE beautiful and draw you in.

What is your favorite part about yourself? Why?: My favorite part about myself is my curious nature. I have a constant need to learn so I ask a lot of question and LOVE reading books. My mind can sometimes be all over the place so reading and focusing on achieving goals I'm passionate about directs the energy towards something positive. Also, being curious helps me connect with people because I genuinely like to get to know people! What makes them tick and passionate about life. There's so much beauty to people!


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