Krisztina - 30 Days of Beauty

What makes you feel beautiful?: My answer is a question: what makes me happy? I believe that those two have identical answers. Having a good conversation over a glass of wine, learn something new, get to know someone new, enjoying the sun or the drops of rain on my cheek.. Yes. Sounds like all the insignificant, everyday things.. But I'm striking for finding the beauty in everything, otherwise I don't feel like beautiful myself. You want to be beautiful? Do what makes you happy and surround yourself with people who make you laugh. Because "happy girls are the prettiest" well said by Audrey Hepburn.

What does beauty mean to you?: Black cat. It's powerful, graceful, a miniature black panther. I know, it's quite a low level of abstraction, but what I wanted to emphasize with that striking example is that I'm whole hardheartedly against stereotypes. Although, it's human nature, stereotypic biases affect our beliefs and our everyday decisions, causing maybe more harm than good. Try not to follow those rules. 

Beauty is everywhere, we just need to open our eyes. Certainly, there are some beautiful things in the world we have a common agreement upon and there are those...
Those pieces of modern art I am struggling to see any charm in it.. Someone else does though. There is always someone who sees...
So maybe there is no such thing as 'not beautiful'. It's just the question of perception.

You want more beauty? Don't restrict yourself, open your sole! If you cannot see, ask those who can! Maybe they can show it to you. Even in the most complex statistics exercise. :)

What is your favorite part about yourself? Why?: Eyes. Mine, yours, the shop assistant's. By looking in the eyes of the person, you will get the most valuable information about him or her without any words. 

What can my hair tell you? Today it's long brown, tomorrow maybe short red.. Or my nails? We might play around with our outlook, adapt it to our mood, to the newest trends..