Layla - 30 Days of Beauty

What makes you feel beautiful?: I feel beautiful wearing an outfit I am comfortable in and which represents my personality. I feel beautiful finally achieving that advanced makeup look or that basic (I am really not good at it) hair style. However, I also feel beautiful succeeding in something I've worked on for a long time. I feel beautiful when I am surrounded by stunning nature, be this the Aare, Lake Superior or somewhere I've never been but long to visit. I especially feel beautiful in sweatpants and hoodie in the company of close friends who all cherish and love me.

What does beauty mean to you?: To me beauty is something we all portray. Some people can feel and see their beauty more easily, others struggle. Personally, I think inner and outer beauty often go hand in hand. Beautiful souls are beautiful people. Therefore while I try to somehow maintain my outer beauty (mainly with the help of barely eight hours of sleep and eyeliner) I focus on my inner beauty, which is struggle enough.

What is your favorite part about yourself? Why?: I've always liked my face. I have my father's nose; "a true Koch nose," green eyes, and lips my orthodontist documented as 'full upper and lower lip' when she first registered me. Faces fascinate me and while many years I suffered from mine being covered in zits and unflattering make-up, I think I am now in a place where I can more fully embrace it. Even though I still struggle with that task, especially since I am eighteen and the only person I know who still has braces. Every day I choose anew to respect and love myself. 
Originally I had planned to wait with grad pictures until after I get my braces out in the spring, but now as I come to think about it maybe I do not need to do that. Braces have been tough for me and painful, but they've also been a huge blessing. While I do constantly curse them I am grateful for being fortunate enough to have my teeth straightened 'beautified,' even if they were already beautiful before.