Katie & Christoph

What makes you feel beautiful?: What makes me feel beautiful is honestly my husband when he gives me this certain look and its makes me feel so beautiful. But
not just outside beautiful inside too. Also when I am excersing and eating healthy and happy I feel beautiful.

What does beauty mean to you?: Of course it feels so good to be fully dressed up and look beautiful but real beauty to me means much more. It means caring for others, loving others
and most important loving yourself. It means being Happy, taking care of yourself, eating healthy and excersing. I believe God gave each one of us a
Light within us and when we are making good choices this light shines within us! When this light shines it is so beautiful.

What is your favorite part about yourself? Why?: My favorite parts about myself are my eyes, hair, neck and legs. I am mostly a Happy person. I think the reason is because I was taught to
Love others and care for others and I really like that part of myself!