Miranda - 30 Days of Beauty

What makes you feel beautiful?: I feel beautiful when I spend time taking care of myself. This includes eating healthy, exercising, etc. Of course I feel beautiful when I dress up and wear something that makes me feel really good and boosts my confidence.

What does beauty mean to you?: Beauty in the physical sense means confidence. When you are confident with yourself I think your inner beauty and outer beauty are able to shine through. One of my favorite quotes is by John Keats a poet he writes "'Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know." I think this quote truly encompasses my feelings about what beauty means. Beauty is pure truth and the knowledge of feeling and understanding it is something that makes us human.

What is your favorite part about yourself? Why?: My favorite part about myself are my eyes. I think they are an interesting color, and I can really make them pop with different eye makeup and even the clothes I wear. I think they look interesting with the rest of my coloring: pale skin, and dark hair.


Alysa AeschbacherComment