Elsa - 30 Days of Beauty


What makes you feel beautiful?: There are a lot of different things that make me feel beautiful. They go from the smile on my boyfriend's face when he looks at me to nailing my winged eyeliner and have it even. I feel beautiful when I can show the world who I really am, be it with makeup, clothes, or even dancing to a song I really like. What makes me feel beautiful in the "physical" way is more about enhancing my good features and maybe hiding what I like less. You gotta work with what you have and everybody has flaws and qualities. You just have to bring out what's best about you. For example, I like to enhance my eyes. It's like Nic from Pixiwoo said recently: contouring is not a bad thing, you just have to know how to do it for your face shape. It may seem like common sense but it sadly isn't.
That's what I really love about makeup, not only does it make you able to bring out some good features, but sometimes also gives you the confidence to reveal your personality and _that_ is really beautiful.

What does beauty mean to you?: Attention, cliché answer coming. But still 100% honest. For me beauty isn't about just appearances. As I said, it's about being you and being able to show it properly. About being passionate, and just not always care about standards. That's when I find people most beautiful, when I can see who they really are. Like someone telling you excitedly about their new project, or explaining something to you about science that you absolutely don't understand but you still love to listen because that person is so enthusiastic about it. 
Or course, there are physical traits that I particularly like in other people, but in general it's more the ensemble that really matters. If someone seems really pretty/handsome but then opens his/her mouth and is actually really dumb, the charm really breaks.

What is your favorite part about yourself? Why?: The things I like about myself are what makes me unique, in a way. I like my blue eyes, I like that I'm quite tall, but I also like my geekiness, my passion for cooking and baking. I really love that I'm curious about everything. I always need to understand everythig that surrounds me. It can sometimes be really frustrating, but it also allows me to open up to a lot of things and being able to share with a bunch of different people. I always try to see what a person is really made of and scrape the surface a bit to see what's underneath. As a kid, I was bullied and suffered of being judged on appearances and now I try to be better than my bullies were. It would be nice if people all did the same.