Work-Life Balance.

This is a hard topic for anyone that works from home (this includes stay-at-home mothers, too). Putting your work tasks down at the end of the day and taking the time to just relax sounds so easy, but it's just not. 

Shut your brain off. 

Especially if you work in a creative field, you need to take the time to focus on other things in order to keep your creative juices flowing. Take the time to watch a movie, dance in the kitchen, and take a walk at sunset. These might sound like time-wasters, but you will benefit in the long run.


Get out of your workspace.

This isn't possible for all work, but if I know that I need to edit a photoshoot/video or write a blog post, I like to take the time and go to a café to do it. I make a point not to connect to wifi, and I crank out the work. Not only does this help me to do more work in less time, but it also gets me out of my usual work space and gets me out of the house.


Not only will this benefit your mental health and your business (even though taking time away from building your business feels like the opposite), but it will keep you present. It will strengthen your relationships with your family and keep you happy and refreshed. 


This week my husband asked me to go to Europa Park with him. My initial reaction was to say no. I had work to do and the thought taking an entire day off in the middle of the week made me sweat. Eventually, I reluctantly agreed to go. And I'm so glad that I did. I had so much fun, and I got to make memories with my husband. Which is the most important thing to me. 

And the Halloween decor at the park made me SO HAPPY.

This guy makes me pretty happy too ;) Thanks for getting me to have fun, love.