New Year, create.

I have decided to dedicate 2016 to creative expression. This past year I have come to realize that the more I do things that make my heart happy, the more inspired and creative I feel. 

So, this year I will be putting emphasis on my muses. 

More traveling. New culture makes my heart sing. Seeing somewhere new, seeing life from a new perspective, inflates my creativity possibly more than anything else. In 2015 we went to Istanbul, Turkey, and I floated on that culture high for months. 

Trying new creative things. For the past month or so, I have been in love with hand lettering/calligraphy. Despite the fact that I'm pretty terrible at it so far, It's one of my favorite things in my leisure time (aka when I'm in my sweats on the sofa).

Meeting new people, having deep conversations and appreciating my relationships with others. In 2015, I met so many beautiful people. It can be easy to have an 'on the surface' relationship, but opening up and showing parts of myself to others, while appreciating the when they open up in return, is quite possibly the most pure and beautiful thing on this earth. I am grateful to have learned that this year.


Me and my cute husband made this video of our new year celebrations, reflections on 2015, and hopes for 2016.

I wish you a beautiful new year. Here's to creative expression!